Growing calls for Indiana AG to step down amid sexual harassment allegations

Growing calls for Indiana AG to step down amid sexual harassment allegations

There are growing calls for the Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill to step down after two women accused him of sexual harassment. Hill has called the allegations “vicious and false” and said he will not step down. Kenneth Craig reports.

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How to win a small claims court lawsuit


Here are some general court tips to hopefully help you win your small claims lawsuit. Whether you are dealing with breach of contract, fraud, business disputes, landlord tenant issues, or other claims for money damages, this video will hopefully help you whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in the small claims case.

Some general tips are:

1. Prepare your case – make sure you understand all the facts of the case
2. Have evidence – any evidence pertaining to your case make sure you bring it with you, and have copies for the judge and your oppoenent
3. LISTEN to the judge and DON’T INTERRUPT
4. If you are winning – SHUT UP!!
5. Don’t get into an arguing match with your opponent – keep the Order in the Court.
6. Show up on time
7. Be neatly dressed – “Dress how you want to be addressed”
8. Be short and concise and hit your 3 KEY POINTS (or more if you are given the time), but many times these cases go fast so have your main points ready.
9. Relax and take a few deep breaths before you get up there.
10. Enjoy you get to act like the lawyer today!!



What to Expect at Your Divorce Consultation | Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer

What to Expect at Your Divorce Consultation | Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer

Attorney Charles M. Green explains aspects and possible dynamics of a Los Angeles divorce consultation.

He touches on common questions, concerns, and scenarios regarding Divorce, Child Custody, and other California Family Law issues. Mr. Green also touches on Financial and Real Estate concerns in relation to the divorce process.
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Making an appointment to see a lawyer can be stressful. In this video, David Henson of HensonFuerst Law firm describes what happens in that first meeting, what you need to bring to the appointment, and what you should expect from the attorney. In addition, David Henson answers a question he gets asked nearly everyday: Is the initial consultation really free? Watch and find out!

(This video contains a dramatization and does not depict actual events or real persons.)

*** Principal Office of Henson & Fuerst, PA: 2501 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607 ***

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Elizabeth Warren tries to explain why she listed ‘American Indian’ on Texas Bar document

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) says that she is a not a member of an American Indian tribe as she tried to explain why she listed her race as “American Indian” on a State Bar of Texas registration card in 1986. #Warren #CNN #News

Video Biography of Former Justices of the Second District Court of Appeals, Fort Worth, Texas

How to Get Pro-Bono Legal Help

For more resources, go to

No money, but your non-profit’s in a legal bind? Figure out everything you need to know about working with Pro-Bono Lawyers. Featuring Sean Delaney, from Lawyer’s Alliance of NY.
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“The nation with the highest concentration of lawyers does such a poor job of making them available to those who need them most,” said Deborah Rhode, the author of “The Trouble with Lawyers.” In the third and final part of our video interview series with Rhode, the Stanford Law School professor calls out the largest U.S. law firms for not doing enough pro bono work.

Video by Josh Block

How do I get Legal Aid?

How do I get Legal Aid?

How to apply for legal aid and how you can get a private criminal lawyer to represent you through a legal aid grant.

Visit our website for further information on legal aid:

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® are a team of experienced and highly respected Criminal and Traffic Defence Lawyers with offices located opposite Sydney’s Downing Centre Court within the Sydney CBD.

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This video is about how to apply for Legal Aid. Now Legal Aid is a scheme that’s run by the government and it is intended to assist people who are not well off to get legal representation. That legal representation can be by legal aid solicitors; so solicitors that work the Legal Aid Commission or private lawyers, such as us here at Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. So the first step that you should do is you should apply for Legal Aid. Now you can apply for Legal Aid at the Legal Aid Commission and the central office is here at 323 Castlereagh St in Sydney, or you can do it through a private practitioner. That is you can come to a private lawyers office, such as our office, and we can go on the computer and we can take your details and apply for Legal Aid on your behalf. Now in order to apply for Legal Aid you will need your court attendance notice, you will need bank statements, three months of bank statements is is ideal, and you’ll also need proof of income. So if you’re on Centrelink your income statement from Centrelink. They’re the three things that you’ll need. The benefit of applied through a private lawyer is that the private lawyer can ask for the matter to be assigned, that is given to us eventually, and the Legal Aid Commission will pay us to work on your case. So you will only have to pay a nominal fee, a small fee to the Legal Aid commission as a contribution. So if we apply for Legal Aid here at Sydney Criminal Lawyers® then if Legal Aid decides to assign it to give it to a private practitioner we will be first in line and they’ll give it to us. So it’s best if you come in and you allow us to make our Legal Aid application for you. Now the next step, the second step is of course to wait for a decision to be made. Now Legal Aid will normally initially take your matter in house, that means they’ll take it themselves, they’ll assign it to a Legal Aid solicitor firstly before they decide whether it’s assign up to a private practitioner like us. So you wait, and then they will tell you and they’ll tell us if we make the application for you that the matters be taken in house. Now the Legal Aid Commission will then decide whether to assign it to us, they will only do that however in exceptional circumstances, and those exceptional circumstances include if a Legal Aid lawyer is not available, or if the Legal Aid Commission has what’s called a conflict of interest. That means if a Legal Aid Commission has represented the other party in the case in the past, or if they’re representing another party in the case. If there’s a conflict they can’t act for both you and another, another person involved. So they can assign it to private practitioners, but there’s certainly no guarantee we will try to get your manner assignment to us. Now I spoke about contribution the Legal Aid Commission will require a contribution from you if you are granted Legal Aid. At the moment that and that’s normally paid by us by Sydney Criminal Lawyers® to the Legal Aid Commission, and we would normally ask that the client provide that to us so we can provide that on. But the good thing about Legal Aid is you’ll have a Legal Aid provided your circumstances don’t change until the finalisation of your case and it really relieves that burden of having to pay for private practitioners. Now you can come into our office. We offer a free first appointment, where we can sit down we can read through you court attendance notice, we can discuss the case with you take their instructions, which means take your information and make a legal application on your behalf, and again that’s free, and you can ring our offices 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a free first appointment. Our number is 02 9261 8881. Hope to see you soon.
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How to get free legal assistance

Did you know that the government offers free legal service to those who cannot afford lawyers fee? Know more about the Public Attorney’s Office or PAO and how to avail its legal services.

Easy Lang Yan
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Aired March 18, 2014 at UNTV 37

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A team of three advocates from Tricity has joined hands to create a forum for deprived and victimized girls or ladies, who cannot afford the legal fees and also do not have proper guidance for their legal proceedings. Now, they can contact the said forum for any kind of help. The help as if now is available in Honourable High Court of Chandigarh, but soon it will be available in entire India.
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Legal Aid of Southeastern PA Centralized Telephone Hotline Staff – 2017 Excellence Award

Legal Aid of Southeastern PA Centralized Telephone Hotline Staff
Nanci Hoover, Esq., Managing Attorney;
Robin Babillis, Paralegal;
Delores Wilson Bailey, Paralegal;
Kristan Burgess, Esq., Helpline Attorney;
Eleonor Glasco, Paralegal;
Carolyn Hettell, Paralegal;
Randall Hove, Esq., Helpline Attorney;
Pamela Manning, Support Staff;
Venezla Moses, Paralegal; and
Pandora Murphy, Paralegal
Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Norristown, PA
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Cary L. Flitter, a nationally recognized consumer lawyer and highly respected expert in the realm of consumer law. Cary’s groundbreaking casework has helped to shape the law itself and set the precedent for future cases.
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Ask Your Divorce Attorney These 3 Questions BEFORE Paying that Retainer

Ask Your Divorce Attorney These 3 Questions BEFORE Paying that Retainer



This episode of the Divorce and Your Money Show discusses three questions that will help you understand the differences in quality of legal representation.   The nature of a divorce is a legal affair, so your lawyer is central to your team.  However, do not be fooled by grandiose offices or high fees. All attorneys are not the same, and you need to know the differences.  Below are three questions to help you.   1) Are they experienced and persuasive? The job of an attorney is to persuade others, so you can get what you want from the arrangement.  In the first meeting, ask yourself if they seem persuasive to you.  If not, move on. The odds are that they will be even less persuasive with the other legal team.   Also, understand how much time they devote to family law.  Family law can vary from county to county, and it is different from other types of law. Therefore, make sure it is their main competency.   2) How will they interact with you? Remember, this relationship is client/provider. Therefore, you should understand how you will be in communication, and how often you should expect to hear from them.   Are all meetings face-to-face, or will they be using email? You should know ahead of time.  More importantly, how much is the minimum charge per communication?   3) What is the full scope of services provided? Are they going to use the same legal process that you prefer?  Do they employ or have access to a financial team of specialists?  Lawyers are competent with aspects of the law, but not necessarily with the intricacies of forensic accounting or the financial world.  It is important that you understand what you are signing up for.   Key Learning Points Divorce is a legal process, and finding the right representation is key.  These three questions will help you make an informed decision about the right representation for you: Are they persuasive and experienced? The job of your attorney is to persuade your ex-spouse and their legal team to give you what you want from your divorce.  If the attorney does not persuade you, they won’t persuade a judge.  Also, make sure they devote most of their time to family law. How will they interact with you? Will they only meet face-to-face? Email? And most importantly, how often?  Also, understand what the billable hours are for each interaction. What is the full scope of services provided? Attorneys are experts at law, not numbers.  Do they employ (or coordinate with) a team of specialists?  If not, that burden may fall on you.   Thank you for listening to the Divorce and Your Money Show. Visit us at and be sure to check out the NEW courses Steps to Take Before Divorce and How to Get a Divorce without Losing Everything.   If you enjoyed the show, please take a moment to leave a review on iTunes, as it will help other people discover this free advice.
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