The Top 3 Things Most Don't Know About Lexington Law Credit Repair Services – 2019,609,MyFICO,Ultra

The Top 3 Things Most Don’t Know About Lexington Law Credit Repair Services – 2019,609,MyFICO,Ultra

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How Military Service Affects Your Credit | Lexington Law The attorneys at Lexington Law Firm are experienced and can help you move forward with your credit situation. One of those credit situations may arise during or after military service.

Good credit is important for everybody, but it may be even more important for those who are serving our country. Military members should be aware of why good credit is important and should know how being in the military could affect their credit. Learn how deployment could affect your credit and how bad credit could impact your security clearance.

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Kendall Dunson offers free legal advice during "Ask the Attorney"

Every Friday, one of Beasley Allen’s many attorneys go on WSFA’s “Alabama Live!” program to offer the community free legal advice on air. In this segment, Beasley Allen principal Kendall Dunson offers his legal expertise to help callers understand various concepts, including common law marriage, child support and spousal debt after marriage.

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Planning For Your Future, Protecting Your Loved Ones

When you have a family to care for, your concerns grow as your family grows; those concerns can stretch far into the future. It’s necessary to plan for that future in order to protect the ones you love. The key is planning. Military Makeover Partner, Legal Zoom came to our show with a package of valuable Estate Planning services for the LoBrutto family. An Estate Plan, all families should have one. Legal Zoom offers a number of options to affordably obtain a dependable estate plan supported by advice from an independent attorney. Attorneys that are part of their vetted legal network. An estate plan allows you to specify your wishes, to make decisions about how to distribute assets and name guardians for children, all with the help of an attorney you can trust. LegalZoom has helped more than 900,000 people with their last wills. Along with helping out the LoBrutto Family, Legal Zoom has launched a new program to help more military families;

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When you’re starting a business, whether it be a limited liability company (LLC), a corporation, or some other business entity, you are going to have to list your company’s registered agent when you file the Articles of Organization/Incorporation.

So what is a registered agent? Simply put, the registered agent is the person who is going to get served (insert funny reference to the 2004 movie here) if the company is ever sued or issued a court summons. A little civil procedure education for you: when you sue somebody, you are required to serve them with process within a certain amount of days from when you file the complaint (the complaint is the document that basically gets the lawsuit ball a-rollin’). This way the person you are suing knows that they are being sued. So the registered agent is the person or business that will accept that service of process in the event of a lawsuit. That is the registered agent’s sole responsibility; they do not have any sort of ownership or management interest in the business just by virtue of being the registered agent.

And who can be a registered agent? The rules regarding registered agents will vary state-to-state. Colorado only requires that the person (if it is a person) be 18 years or older and have a primary residence in Colorado. You can also appoint a business as registered agent. Either way, the person or business must consent to being the registered agent and must have a physical address (i.e. not solely a PO box) in Colorado.

You have a few options when choosing your registered agent. 1) You/your business can be your own registered agent, or 2) there are a lot of companies/law offices (*hint hint*) that offer registered agent services. There’s nothing wrong with being your own registered agent. It is perfectly legal and won’t open you up to any more risk of liabilities. But let’s say, for example, you have a home office so you put yourself as registered agent and your home address as the registered agent’s address. If you ever get sued, you will have the process server knocking on your front door (which may be embarrassing if you have nosy neighbors). And Colorado allows the process server to leave the documents with any adult who resides at registered address. So if your 18 year old son is the lucky one to answer the door, the process server may leave the documents with him and he will have the responsibility of giving it to you. Or if you have a store front and use that as the registered office, you may get served while you have customers or clients around. Those are the pretty typical reasons not to be your own registered agent.

Outsourcing this to a registered agent company will help avoid those possible consequences and those companies are usually pretty reasonably priced. For example, I offer registered agent service in Colorado starting at just 0/year. These companies will also come in handy if you expand your business into another state or have offices/employees located in other states. Most states require that you register as a foreign LLC or foreign corporation if you do a lot of business in that state. That will require you to have a registered agent located in that state. So you will need to find a person or company who will consent to being your registered agent in that state.

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Oath to Assist: The Importance of Lawyer Pro Bono

Oath to Assist: The Importance of Lawyer Pro Bono

The Indiana Supreme Court supports many statewide activities aimed at making sure litigants are represented in court. Some of those initiatives are through pro bono activities (legal services done at a free or reduced cost as a public service). The Court, in partnership with Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations offers this informational video on pro bono work.

Why Should Lawyers in India do Pro Bono work? | Swathi Sukumar | TEDxNLUO

Ever wondered what is keeping the disparity alive? The glaring differences spanning within communities? How masses that are deprived are ignored, fed to degradation, while continuity never stops? Watch as Swathi Sukumar teaches us about the power of empathy and the great potency it carries in prospectively uplifting the quality of the common conscience.

Swathi Sukumar is a lawyer who runs a private civil litigation practice, focused on intellectual property. She has been a lawyer in several prominent judgments in the area of intellectual property.

She holds a Bachelors law degree from NALSAR University of Law, and a Masters law degree with Honors from Columbia Law School, United States. Alongside her private practice, in 2011 she co-founded iProbono India. iProbono India focuses on providing access to justice to disadvantaged individuals and also provides legal assistance to Indian civil society organizations, on a pro bono basis. iProbono works with vulnerable individuals, such as disadvantaged children who have survived sexual abuse, street vendors, and other individuals who face impediments in accessing justice, by providing them legal assistance.

In the past two years alone, under Swathi’s leadership and supervision, 28 child survivors of sexual abuse have been given justice with pro bono legal assistance through a refined network.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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http://SOCalLemonLaw – Small Claims Court – Many times, we have had to recommend to consumers that they take their disputes to small claims court where the car is a used car and where the purchase price of the car is ,000 or less, and where they have bought it from a smaller, non-franchised dealer. Usually, the chances are just as good in such cases for the consumer to prevail in small claims court. For new cars or more expensive used car purchases from franchise dealers (meaning, for example, a Mercedes, Ford, BMW or Toyota dealership), it is better to hire a lawyer and go to court than go to small claims court and pursue the matter in Superior Court or federal court, where the attorney can obtain full damages plus have his fees paid by the defendant.

What A Career At Lexington Law Offers 2019

What A Career At Lexington Law Offers 2019

This is our employee value proposition coming from real employees speaking to their actual experience working with us.
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Lexington Law is a trusted credit repair firm with the knowledge and experience to get you on the path to financial health. Watch this testimonial to hear how Lexington Law was able to help Neal repair his credit.

As he began working toward his goal of homeownership, Neal was surprised and frustrated to find that items from ten years ago were still lingering on his credit report. What felt outdated and old was still impacting his credit score and preventing him from accessing the life he desired. Neal reached out to Lexington Law for help, and now speaks about his experience with excellent customer service and supportive advising to help him understand the process. Neal feels a sense of renewal and hope, and says “because of Lexington Law, I can really take my dream seriously.”

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Indefinite leave to remain – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Acquisition of British citizenship – Main article: British nationality law. Holders of ILR may apply for British citizenship if they have … and; not have been in breach of the Immigration Rules at any stage during the five-year period.

Immigration law – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Immigration law refers to national government policies controlling the immigration and … United Kingdom · British nationality law, Tier 2 – settlement (ILR) after 5 years. A limit on number of Tier 2 migrants per year coming from outside the …

Solicitor – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A solicitor is a legal practitioner who traditionally deals with most of the legal matters in some … In the United Kingdom, a few Australian states, Hong Kong, South Africa (where they are called attorneys) and Ireland, the legal profession is split …







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