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  1. I am a high profile case and no Jefoffrey fieger !! I feel he’s scared of state of Michigan there’s so much corruption in the state of Michigan yet I have seen him represent any state of Michigan employees that gave been discriminated against

  2. It is w/ sadness. Shut up you FAKE. how can one Brother be so cool and the other a complete DH. Wear a wire… great. P.O.S.

  3. At 2:00 What an ignoramus Mike (LOSES) REMORSE is!!! Think about it for a second, why would Fieger stick his neck out and risk being debarred! Plus, lose any chance at running for Governor over an alleged frivolous lawsuit.

  4. Morons fighting morons! They're both shysters. It will all be played out on TV, & Morse will have to settle because Fieger never loses.

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