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  1. Explanation was good, please take this as a suggestion decrease the sound in your video cause the viewers can’t concentrate on the amazing content

  2. This video is wrong. Both legislation and case law are primary sources in common law. Based on parliamentary sovereignty if there is a conflict between legislation and case law, the legislation is what will stand stronger. I am just studying Foundations of Canadian Common Law and maybe this video just apply to how US or UK view the common law, but in Canada, at least, legislation IS NOT a secondary source.

  3. Hmm, unelected judges making laws. If you think about it Common law is undemocratic and not transparent to its people. Even Sharia law is more transparent. Sick.

  4. This is patently wrong…

    The role of a Judge under Common Law was never to the Make The Law's, but rather to record and see that the decision of The People (represented by and the reason for a Jury of Peers[0]) is carried out. Under Common Law it's The People who, through their consideration, and in respect to their traditions and beliefs, give substance to their Common Law. This Process is how we, The People, arrive at a consensus.

    Worshiping and Promoting Judges to the Makers of The Law is a perversion of the idea, spirit, and Process of Common Law. If the Judge's (in that capacity) become Sovereign then The People are subject to the same arbitrary (meaning tiranical) rule that they sought to free themselves from. This is frankly disgusting. Please consider revising this video to make this principle clear.

    [0] In their role as The Jury it's the people who are Sovereign and it is the decision and consent of the people that give the Judge a mandate to carry out any action. The Judge is a servant of the people. This was common knowledge as recently as 50 years ago. It's a testament to the corruption and degradation of our systems that The People no longer understand this fact.

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