http://SOCalLemonLaw – Small Claims Court – Many times, we have had to recommend to consumers that they take their disputes to small claims court where the car is a used car and where the purchase price of the car is ,000 or less, and where they have bought it from a smaller, non-franchised dealer. Usually, […]

Representing Yourself in Small Claims Court

The experience of going to small claims court can be an intimidating process if you are appearing on your own, without a lawyer. People who go to court without representation are “self-represented litigants.” If you are self-represented, and you’re worried about what happens before and during a trial, this video will help. This video will […]

Small Claims Hearing – What to Expect

This small claims video series was made possible thanks to a grant from the State Bar of Nevada‚Äôs Lawyer Referral and Information Service How do you collect a small claims judgment? Attorney Tom Olsen: In Florida, small claims court is for claims under ,000. The clerks will give you the forms and help you through […]

Lessons in Law – A Guide to Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court allows ordinary people the chance to resolve disputes without the need to hire a lawyer. Learn how small claims court works, jurisdictional limits, evidence, types of cases, plus much more In this video the basics of Small Claims Courts are explained in a short and easily understandable format. ( also offers […]

1 – Introduction to the Court – Resolving Small Claims Cases

In Small Claims court, disputes are settled in a fair, quick, and inexpensive manner. You may ask a lawyer for advice before you go to court; however, you may not have a lawyer represent you in court. The rules are fairly simple and the hearing is informal. You may even ask for mediation on the […]