Oath to Assist: The Importance of Lawyer Pro Bono

The Indiana Supreme Court supports many statewide activities aimed at making sure litigants are represented in court. Some of those initiatives are through pro bono activities (legal services done at a free or reduced cost as a public service). The Court, in partnership with Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations offers this informational video on pro bono […]

Why Should Lawyers in India do Pro Bono work? | Swathi Sukumar | TEDxNLUO

Ever wondered what is keeping the disparity alive? The glaring differences spanning within communities? How masses that are deprived are ignored, fed to degradation, while continuity never stops? Watch as Swathi Sukumar teaches us about the power of empathy and the great potency it carries in prospectively uplifting the quality of the common conscience. Swathi […]

Pro Bono Lawyer

Did you know that some pricey Alberta lawyers do work for free? So who gets the pro-bono service? And what do lawyers get out of it? Take a look: Sarolta Saskiw reports Sometimes people are not in the best financial position to hire a private attorney. What are the alternatives when seeking representation for criminal […]

Pro Bono Attorneys: Protecting the Persecuted

www.humanrightsfirst.org Since 1978, Human Rights First has been matching asylum seekers with pro bono attorneys through our Asylum Legal Representation Program, giving refugees a chance to live their lives free from fear. Human Rights First has helped thousands of refugees gain asylum in the United States. These refugees include torture survivors, victims of religious, political […]

How to Get Pro-Bono Legal Help

For more resources, go to dosomething.org/resources No money, but your non-profit’s in a legal bind? Figure out everything you need to know about working with Pro-Bono Lawyers. Featuring Sean Delaney, from Lawyer’s Alliance of NY. Video Rating: / 5 “The nation with the highest concentration of lawyers does such a poor job of making them […]