LegalShield App Training (LegalShield Associates ONLY)

Updated Training on LSEngage: Updated training on Prospect: Now that we have all of these wonderful apps for our clients and ourselves, how exactly do we use them? This is a question that many associates have! We will go over how to navigate and use all the essential mobile applications that we have created. Some […]

Selling LegalShield: Success Story with David A. Spangler, Jr.

LegalShield creates opportunities for motivated individuals to develop their own business. David A. Spangler, Jr. – VP of Group Marketing Independent Associate — discusses his success in growing his business. His hard work enabled him to support his family and build the home of his dreams through his residual income. Learn more about LegalShield: […]

Legal Shield Can Provide A New Lifestyle!

Wouldn’t it be nice to consult an experienced lawyer whenever your family encounters a legal issue, major or minor? It’s not only possible, it’s affordable and convenient with a Life Events Legal PlanSM from LegalShield. Our members receive services from a nationwide network of Provider Law Firms. In the event of an emergency, whatever the […]

LegalShield Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

The LegalShield scam company has been around for years. There have been lawsuits against them and lots of negative reports on this business opportunity. Let’s take a look at this business opportunity. Check My Facts At The Following Link: LegalShield / Pre-Paid Legal Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion! Video Rating: / 5 LegalShield […]

The LegalShield Membership: How it Works

LegalShield empowers you to contact an attorney for the big stuff, the small stuff, and everything in between. Ever signed a contract? Received a speeding ticket? Been overcharged for a repair? With LegalShield, for as little as a month, you’ll be able to call an experienced attorney about any legal issue, including 24/7 access for […]