Kendall Dunson offers free legal advice during "Ask the Attorney"

Every Friday, one of Beasley Allen’s many attorneys go on WSFA’s “Alabama Live!” program to offer the community free legal advice on air. In this segment, Beasley Allen principal Kendall Dunson offers his legal expertise to help callers understand various concepts, including common law marriage, child support and spousal debt after marriage. For more information […]

Free Legal Advice for SAF Members From a Small Business Attorney

Have a question and want to talk to a lawyer about it for a few minutes without running up a huge bill? Give our legal eagle a call. The Society of American Florists partners with Paley Rothman, a Bethesda, MD law firm, so you can get fast, free answers to a variety of business legal […]

Free legal advice offered during WSFA's Ask the Attorney with Gibson Vance

In this edition of WSFA’s “Ask the Attorney” segment during “Alabama Live!” on Fridays, Beasley Allen attorney Gibson Vance offers free legal advice to viewers who call in to the show. An arbitration agreement was one topic discussed after a viewer called in with a question about whether or not he must sign the agreement […]

"Ask the Attorney" segment offers free legal advice on Fridays

In this episode of “Alabama Live,” Beasley Allen principal Gibson Vance kicks off the “Ask the Attorney” segment on WSFA by answering a number of the community’s legal questions on air. Some of the topics discussed in this week’s segment include uninsured motorist insurance, subrogation, communicating with an attorney and dealing with the IRS. If […]

Free legal advice on Beasley Allen's "Ask the Attorney" segment on WSFA

Each Friday, WSFA airs “Alabama Live” featuring Beasley Allen Law Firm’s very own segment, “Ask the Attorney.” During this segment, Beasley Allen attorney and “Beasley Allen Report” host Gibson Vance answers legal questions via telephone on air. In this week’s segment, Gibson speaks to viewers concerning matters conerning divorce law, wrongful termination and property law. […]

Difference Between Attorney-Client Privilege & Confidentiality : Legal Advice & Law Information

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Attorney client privilege and confidentiality are two concepts with a few very important differences that you’re going to want to know. Learn the difference between attorney client privilege and confidentiality with help from an attorney in this free video clip. Expert: Robert Todd Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: The […]

If you need an attorney, then we are the Team of Attorneys fighting for you | Free Legal Advice The Ticktin Law Group are the Legal Brains you want between you are your problems. Sometimes you need free legal advice and sometimes you need to go to the top professional lawyers. So if you “Need an Attorney” for Divorce, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense, Real Estate , Commercial Litigation, Business Law, Family Law, Entertainment Law, […]

Can I fire my attorney? – Free Legal Advice

Video Rating: / 5 How do contingency fees work? Is there a way to get free legal advice? To learn more about how to obtain legal help, please visit: On an injury case, the attorneys take the case on a contingency basis. What does this mean? If there is no monetary settlement for the […]

Legal Advice – How To Find The Right Criminal Attorney – Tom Medrano

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney – Tom R. Medrano with over 37 years of experience in criminal law serves clients throughout Southern California including Pasadena, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura – FREE consultation, night time and weekend consultation also available! Video Rating: / 5 Costly legal processes may not […]