Dallas County's corrupt, bullying and uconstitutinal District Attorney's office

These assholes are so unconstitutional they feel because they are overwhelmed with poor leadership, it gives them the right to require citizens to compromise liberties. Think about that, because they can’t figure out how to operate under the constitution they have shortcutted and relied on poor disenfranchised people not having resources to fight back. It’s […]

District Attorney’s Office triples number of special prosecutors

District Attorney’s Office triples number of special prosecutors – Source: http://krqe.com/2017/11/27/district-attorneys-office-triples-number-of-special-prosecutors/ 4th Judicial District Attorney Dan May and his deputies spoke about what will come next after Patrick Frazee’s arraignment was continued to May 24 so more evidence can be tested.

True Stories of Crime from the District Attorney’s Office by Arthur Cheney Train – Audiobook

Audiobook full length. 00:00:00.000 : 01 – Preface/Chapter I — The Woman in the Case 00:35:03.014 : 02 – Chapter II — Five Hundred Million Dollars 01:19:54.000 : 03 – Chapter III — The Lost Stradivarius 01:57:23.015 : 04 – Chapter IV — The Last of the Wire-Tappers 02:22:47.016 : 05 – Chapter V — […]

Ventura County District Attorney's Office

Ventura County District Attorney, Greg Totten and Crime Victim’s Assistance Program Supervisor, Rachael Watkins, speak with Sandra Siepak of Our Ventura TV about the role of their office and service to Ventura County, as well as the Crime Victims’ Assistance Unit. The mission of the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office is to promote justice and […]

Does The District Attorney's Office Protect Crooked Cops? QuietBoyMusik

Does The District Attorney’s Office Protect Crooked Cops? QuietBoyMusik For the back story, watch the videos below: My CCRB Testimony Crazy HIT AND RUN Accident. NYPD BLOCKS VICTIM FROM MAKING REPORT QuietBoyMusik Part 1 of 3 Crazy HIT AND RUN Accident. NYPD BLOCKS VICTIM FROM MAKING REPORT QuietBoyMusik Part 2 of 3 Crazy HIT AND […]

Lawbot DA Offices For Dummies!! (Toontown Rewritten Tips and Tricks)

Yep! Lawbot DA Offices. Clearly there’s a lot more to know about each specific room, but I tried my best to go over the most important topics 🙂 If I left anything out in the video, feel free to leave a comment! But keep an eye out for cogs in the comment section! :O Twitter: […]

District Attorney’s Office: Who We Are, What We Do

Do you know what the District Attorney does? You might be surprised by everything the DA does… Visit our Website for more info: https://www.sdcda.org/ ————————————— Follow us on social media: Twitter: @SDDistAtty: https://twitter.com/SDDistAtty Instagram: @SDDistAtty: http://instagram.com/sddistatty/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SanDiegoCountyDistrictAttorney LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/san-diego-district-attorney?trk=nmp_rec_act_company_photo ————————————– Get news about the DA’s Office: https://danewscenter.com/ Noticias sobre la Fiscalía en Español: https://danewscenter.com/spanish […]