U.S. Justice Department Sues California Over Sanctuary State Laws

California’s mayors are speaking out, defending the state and its immigrants. Kara Finnstrom reports. Video Rating: / 5 California is a sanctuary state, extending protections to undocumented immigrants in the United States. Governor Jerry Brown called the lawsuit a “press stunt,” as Attorney General Jeff Sessions blasted Oakland’s mayor for warning the public about an […]

Suing California, Sessions vows to 'use every power' to stop state laws on immigration enforcement

Attorney General Jeff Sessions accused the state of California on Wednesday of “using every power it has and some it doesn’t to frustrate federal law enforcement” on the issue of immigration. The Justice Department is suing the state for three laws on interaction with federal immigration officials, including requiring businesses to alert workers of impending […]

After DOJ declines, California to take over San Francisco police

The state of California is stepping in to provide oversight of the San Francisco Police Department, after the Trump Department of Justice said it would roll back Obama-era oversight of local police forces. Local officials called for external oversight after accusations of racism and abuse of power. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte has the details. Find […]

Justice Department suing California over immigration laws

The Justice Department is suing the state of California, specifically citing the Gov. Jerry Brown and the state’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra. The suit cites three key immigration laws that the federal government alleges made it difficult for federal immigration officials to do their jobs. CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid breaks down the lawsuit […]

CBS News rides along with California agents taking illegal firearms away

California is the only state with a database that cross references gun owners with people who have criminal convictions, restraining orders or serious mental health issues. Carter Evens went along with a special task force charged with taking firearms away from people who are not allowed to have them. Subscribe to the “CBS This Morning” […]